Thumb Ring Use

by Thomas Duvernay

Thumb ring demonstration by Nicholas Duvernay (Yohan Lee), 1st Dan Korean-style archer

Looking at a Korean style thumb ring from the bottom of the ring, from the opposite side the thumb is inserted in. Note the tape on the side, which is used to take up slack in a slightly over-sized ring.

To begin with, the thumb is put through the thumb ring from the rounded side at a ninety degree angle to the thumb.

The ring is positioned just in back of the thumb's knuckle.

The ring is turned ninety degrees, so that the ring protects the pad of the thumb.

The bow handle is held and the arrow is ready to be nocked on the bow. Note that the arrow will usually be placed on the side opposite that of a three finger draw.

The arrow is nocked and is ready to be drawn.

The string is positioned where the ring and thumb meet.

The index finger wraps around the thumb, similar to flipping a coin. The arrow rests just above the thumb and ring. The index finger will push the arrow into the bow, so the arrow will not fall off, even if the bow is canted upside down.

The bow is in position to be drawn and an initial sighting of the target is done.

Close-up of hand positions from draw-hand side.

Close-up of hand positions from bow-hand side.

Bow at full draw.

Arrow point at full draw.

Close-up of draw-hand at full draw.

Close-up of bow-hand at full draw.

Head-on view of archer at full draw.

Release and follow-through.

Archer's view of the target

The view slightly to the side of the archer; the target is 145m in the distance.

The view from in back of the archer.

Archer's view

Original thumb ring tutorial

Demonstrating the correct Korean archery form

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